Who We Are

The Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee (LPDC) based at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers is mandated to address Palestinian refugee affairs in Lebanon. LPDC was established in 2005 by the Council of Ministers as the Lebanese Working Group on Palestinian refugees (decision 41/2005) in response to the goal set by the Government of Lebanon to develop comprehensive policy toward Palestinian refugees and improve their living conditions.

Under the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the LPDC provides policy recommendations to the Government of Lebanon based on the national interest of the Lebanese people and the rights of Palestinian refugees to live in dignity and respect, until their right of return is realized. This strategic advantage enables LPDC to build consensus and address taboos over the Palestinian presence in Lebanon through facilitating dialogue. 

The LPDC is the interlocutor and focal point between the Palestinian refugees, Lebanese State institutions, ministries, Palestinian factions, Lebanese parties, civil society, United Nations partners and international and local stakeholders. By promoting comprehensive and evidence-driven policy solutions throughout its network of partnerships, the LPDC acts as an agent of systemic change in the relationship between the Lebanese Government and Palestinian refugees. While representing an assurance that the Palestinian refugee file remains on the public agenda of the Lebanese government, the LPDC taps into its dialogue capacity to garner support to move toward legislative and policy reforms. 



LPDC institutional development 
Public policy development

Strategic Planning 

Establishing the National Observatory for Palestinian Affairs

capacity Building

Strengthening capacities of inline ministries mandated with Palestine refugees

Coordination And Networking

LPDC plays a vital role in acting as the focal point for national and international partners, on issues regarding Palestinian refugees in camps and surrounding communities

Dialogue Consensus Building

Cooperating with the research and dialogue platforms and forums, as well as cooperating with the Lebanese and Palestinian delegations involved in the Palestinian refugee issue in Lebanon, in a way that does not conflict with the LPDC strategy.