Who We Are

"The Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee is an inter-ministerial agency established in 2005. It deals with the Palestinian refugees' affairs in Lebanon. The Committee serves as a focal point between the Palestinian refugees, and the local and international stakeholders, and provides policy recommendations to the Government of Lebanon (GoL), based on the national interests of the Lebanese people and the rights of Palestinian refugees to live in dignity and respect, until they are able to realize their right of return.

What We Do

LPDC has identified five strategic outcomes that were developed during the first decade of its establishment.
These outcomes are considered interdependent, and they contribute to common results at the outcome level.

Thus, a failure to generate one outcome is likely to have a knock-on effect on other outcomes. Mainly, these



LPDC institutional development 
Public policy development

Strategic Planning 

Establishing the National Observatory for Palestinian Affairs

capacity Building

Strengthening capacities of inline ministries mandated with Palestine refugees

Coordination And Networking

LPDC plays a vital role in acting as the focal point for national and international partners, on issues regarding Palestinian refugees in camps and surrounding communities

Dialogue Consensus Building

Cooperating with the research and dialogue platforms and forums, as well as cooperating with the Lebanese and Palestinian delegations involved in the Palestinian refugee issue in Lebanon, in a way that does not conflict with the LPDC strategy.