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60% of refugees depend on bottled water for drinking

Public network caters to about 35% of the refugees for their drinking water requirement and private networks another 4.1%. More than 60% of the refugees depend on bottled water for drinking.
The situation is slightly worse for PRS Households, with 65.7% depending on bottled water as against 60.1% of PRL Households. This difference is the result of 69% of PRS depending on bottled water in Camps compared to 60.2% of the PRL.

Category Public network Private network Bottled water Other
PRL in Camps 7034 733 11772 24
PRL in Gatherings 8182 1030 13918 55
PRS in Camps 626 48 1520 8
PRS in Gatherings 741 103 1406 4

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