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A large majority of paid employees among employed refugees

Overall in the total employed population, 71.8% are paid employees. Self-employed account for 16.9%t and employers form another 10.7%. Only 0.6% of the employed are engaged in Household work. Percentage of ‘Employers’ and ‘Self Employed’ are, not surprisingly, lower among females, being about half of the corresponding percentage among males. Correspondingly the percentage of paid employees is higher among females as expected.
Compared to PRL, the percentage of employers and self-employed are significantly lower among PRS. This is true about both the sexes. The percentage of those contributing to Household work is higher among female PRS.

Category Employer Self employed Paid employee Contributing to HH Work
PRL Female 437 602 6256 45
PRL Male 4347 6897 24342 215
PRL Female 14 17 366 6
PRL Male 88 259 2113 9

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