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Housing outside camps

Among the Households living in Gatherings, almost 51.9 percent have some form of ownership, with 24 percent having registered ownership before 2001. Of the Households with ownership after 2001, there are about 7.0 percent with unregistered sale contract while another 8.0 percent have ownership other than sale contracts or power of attorney.


The above data show the importance of Housing


type of occupancy Value
Registered/Ownership before 2001 6548
Not registered/Ownership before 2001 2321
Registered sale contract/Ownership after 2001 607
Unregistered sale contract/Ownership after 2001 1842
Irrevocable Power of Attorney/Ownership after 2001 516
Other/Ownership after 2001 2187
Rent 9511
Free 1771
Other 1862

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