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81% of households rely on both public networks and generator

Only 17% of the Households depend exclusively on public networks. Almost 81% depend on both public networks and generator while 1.4% has subscribed to generators. Ownership of generator by the Household, that is obviously a capital intensive proposition, is used by only 0.5 percent of the Households.
Dependence on public networks is least (10.9%) among Households living in Camps with PRS head of the Household. It is highest (19.4%) among Households in Gatherings with PRL head of the Household.

Category Public electricity Subscription to generator Generator owned by household Public electricity and generator Other
PRL in Camps 2959 163 127 16284 30
PRL in Gatherings 4490 408 85 18134 68
PRS in Camps 240 31 4 1925 2
PRS in Gatherings 343 58 3 1848 2

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