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Possession of travel document

More than half (52 %) of the PR are in possession of Lebanese travel document for Palestinians while 4.1 % have Lebanese travel passport. Almost 62 % of the PRS have Syrian travel document for Palestinians.
42.2 % of the PRL and 27.7 % of the PRS do not possess any travel documents but are eligible for getting one. There are 1,270 Palestinians (1,123 PRL and 147 PRS) who do not have any travel document and are neither eligible for one.

category Lebanese travel document for Palestinian Syrian travel document for Palestinian Other arab travel document for Palestinian Passport issued by Palestinian Authority Lebanese passport Arab passport Non arab passport Other No travel document or passport but can have No travel document or passport and can not have
PRL 86060 70 38 6755 465 899 225 69914 1123
PRS 10956 259 106 54 1008 136 131 4909 147

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