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65% of Palestinian live in their own house

36.8% of total Households have houses/apartment with ownership in the Camp. Another 26.6% of the refugee population lives in rented accommodation. Those with registered ownership before 2001 are the third largest category accounting for 12.9%. If unregistered sale/contract and irrevocable power of attorney are included, those who live in their own houses form about 65%.
As much as 79.9% of Households living in Camps have own house/apartment and another 17.5 are in rented accommodation. Among the Households living in Gatherings, almost 51.9% have some form of ownership, with 24% having registered ownership before 2001. Of the Households with ownership after 2001, there are about 7.0% with unregistered sale contract while another 8.0% have ownership other than sale contracts or power of attorney.

Occupancy form of housing unit Camps Gatherings
Registered/Ownership before 2001 6096
Not registered/Ownership before 2001 2210
Registered sale contract/Ownership after 2001 570
Unregistered sale contract/Ownership after 2001 1790
Irrevocable Power of Attorney/Ownership after 2001 509
Other -17 1815
Rent -3815 8748
Free -540 1668
Ownership in the camp -17393
Other/Ownership after 2001 2033

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