Why is LPDC doing this and what is LPDC’s role in this strategy?

Because there is a need. There is an abundance of resources invested in the youth, but the situation of the youth is not improving much; projects are not having the impact intended; and there is redundancy in work and a lack of coordination.

Secondly, because of LPDC’s position as an inter-ministerial governmental institution attached to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. This unique position enables LPDC to bring donors, politicians, implementers, and youth together. LPDC’s role in this strategy is thus to increase joint coordination between stakeholders and including youth participation in this process by functioning as mediator, facilitator, and coordinator from a neutral stand. It is important to emphasize that LPDC is an advisory body in the government and not politically affiliated. Thus, LPDC cannot make political decisions and execute them, but can recommend and push for policies for the benefit of the Lebanese and Palestinians alike.

Since this strategy is launched by an official government body, it provides the youth with a legitimate, official source of leverage, which they can refer to in their future actions towards change.