How do the youth have a say? What is the role of the youth in the framework of action?

Youth participation in and ownership of this strategy is essential. Without the youth, there would be no strategy. We want the youth to take a leading role and thus invite input and feedback from the youth throughout the work on the strategy whether in relation to needs assessment, activities, action steps, implementation, and evaluation.

In the framework of action, the Youth Follow-up Forum is consisting of Palestinian youth only. This forum is an opportunity for the youth to influence decision-makers and programs targeting them – either through the regional Debates Spaces in different areas of Lebanon or through the Reference Groups (corresponding to the areas of action), where a group of youth represents the wider Palestinian youth community, engage directly with the stakeholders and influence the decisions. 

The Stakeholder Platform and the Youth Follow-up Forum are bodies in the framework that are developed simultaneously and have equal importance for the aims of this strategy to succeed. The Youth Reference Groups have a particularly important strategic position in the implementation of this strategy.