How is this strategy funded?

Modalities and mechanisms are yet to be explored with donors. However, in line with the strategy spirit, it is an important principle of the funding of the strategy implementation that the youth will be put central to decision making on expenditure.

How will you make sure that future projects and agendas are aligned within the strategy’s directions?
We of course cannot – and will not – force donors and implementers to follow this strategy, but we believe that the thorough research and work that has led up to and informed this strategy has created a strong foundation, which stakeholders wish to be a part of. Furthermore, the projects of the donors and implementers will have more legitimacy and weight if they align under the umbrella of this strategy and coordinate their work in line with the strategy directions. The strategy can thus provide support and evidence that there is a real need for projects in the directions of the strategy. In addition, the strategy creates a space where stakeholders can interact directly with the youth without intermediaries.

Many stakeholders who are directly or indirectly engaged in working with Palestinian youth have limitations in terms of sustainability of the projects and programs and have explicitly expressed the need for more transparency and coordination. The Strategy Core Group – LPDC, UNRWA Youth and HCYS – furthermore brings a lot of political weight to the strategy. These two things combined will create incentives for the stakeholders to plan their programming within the frame of this strategy.

In addition, the Strategy Coordination Team will play a key role in creating an enabling environment on a practical level by making sure that coordination, transparency, meetings, working sessions etc. will run smoothly, be followed up on and have good facilitation.