How will this strategy be implemented?

The strategy has a framework of action that will push for the implementation of this strategy. This framework has four main bodies:
1. The Steering Committee consisting of LPDC, UNRWA Youth and the Palestinian Higher Council for Youth and Sports. This group pushes for the strategy’s vision and aims on a political level, ensures endorsement, but does not have the power of affecting decision making on the level of the Stakeholder Platform and Youth Forum.
2. The Stakeholder Platform includes key stakeholders – donors, agencies, implementers – and is divided in 5 working groups that correspond to the 5 areas of action: Financial Sustainability, Education, Changing Narratives, Physical Living Conditions, and Health. This platform has a coordinating and programming function, where transparency, collaboration, and alignment is in focus.
The Youth Follow-up Forum is made up of Palestinian youth in Lebanon. This Forum organize the participation of the youth in the strategy in two ways: first, a committed participation of youth representatives in the areas focused Reference Groups, and second, a flexible participation in the regional Debates Spaces. The Reference Groups have an essential role in the framework of action: they represent the youth and provide a direct link between the wider youth community and the stakeholders. The Debate Spaces will allow the wider community of youth to be briefed about the work being done, and to give their feedback. The Strategy Coordination Team pushes for the implementation and development of the strategy on a practical level through coordination, facilitation, and mediation between the different bodies in the strategy framework.