A consultative workshop between a parliamentary delegation and LPDC at the Grand Serail: readiness to propose new legislation granting economic and social rights to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

A parliamentary delegation visited the office of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee at the Grand Serail to discuss the main objectives of the LPDC strategy, which focuses on securing rights for Palestinian refugees as a starting point for improving their living conditions in Lebanon.

The meeting brought together the following MPs: Neemat Frem, Ibrahim Mneimneh, Walid Al-Baarini, Muhammad Suleiman, Imad Al Hout, Nabil Badr, Abdul Aziz Al-Samad and Sajih Attieh. The Committee presented an overview of its history, its 2022 -2024 strategy, and its priorities regarding the legislative and the legal status of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The focus of which delves into Palestinian refugees’ right to work and own property, and the discussion of a special law regarding Palestinian refugee rights in Lebanon, written within the bounds of the Lebanese Constitution which rejects permanent settlement.

LPDC Chairman, Dr. Bassel Al Hassan, welcomed the MPs and emphasized the positive cooperation of Palestinian stakeholders, highlighting that the Committee bases its work on ‘The unified vision for Palestinian refugee issues in Lebanon’, a 2016 approved document which is considered the central reference of LPDC’s work on the legal track.

Dr. Al Hassan emphasized that there is no contradiction between the rejection of permanent settlement as stated in the preamble to the Lebanese Constitution/the right to return for Palestinian refugees as rooted in international law, and advancing the economic and social rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The Committee presented a detailed overview of its strategy, before answering questions of attending MPs. This meeting was the first in what will be a series of follow up workshops.

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