A joint action plan between UNICEF, LPDC, the Palestinian Embassy and UNRWA

The Chairman of the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee, Dr. Bassel Al Hassan, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Lebanon His Excellency Mr. Ashraf Dabour, the Director of UNRWA Affairs in Lebanon, Dr. Dorothee Klaus, and the representative of UNICEF in Lebanon, Mr. Edward Beigbeder, signed the joint action plan for 2024 to 2025.

The plan reflects the commitment of UNICEF, the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee, the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Lebanon and UNRWA to jointly cooperate to promote the health and well-being of children, youth and their families in Palestinian camps and gatherings in Lebanon, through activities identified in the action plan and subject to periodic evaluation of progress achieved. The action plan focuses on the following areas: 

1- Early childhood education and academic support in local associations 

2- Empowering youth 

3- Psychosocial support 

4- Water and sanitation 

5- Health and nutrition