A joint meeting in the Grand Serail between LPDC, Palestinian factions, and UNRWA regarding suspension of funding to UNRWA

The Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee, chaired by Dr. Bassel Al Hassan, held a joint meeting in the Grand Serail with representatives of Palestinian factions and UNRWA. The following statement was issued:

The attendees unanimously agreed upon the repercussions of the decision to suspend funding to UNRWA, and the impact this would have on the living conditions of Palestine refugees in Lebanon. In light of these effects, attendees called on donor countries to reverse the decision to suspend funds. Attendees also addressed the issue of UNRWA’s neutrality, and expressed their understanding of the importance of UNRWA’s commitment to the principles of neutrality, while agreeing to support the agency’s efforts; also recognizing that Palestine refugees have the right to express themselves as a Palestinian people with national aspirations. They stressed upon the continuation of joint cooperation between LPDC, Palestinian factions, and UNRWA in this coming period and developing follow up mechanisms to address the issues discussed in the meeting. With regard to the issue of electricity fee collection in the camps, a decision was reached to form a committee to follow up on agreed upon concerns.

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