Al Ayi: We have made progress on the issues of rights and arms

The reality in the Palestinian camps cannot continue as is. Firstly, in terms of arms, and secondly in terms of depriving the Palestinians of their minimum rights to live a decent life. We have engaged in a calm dialogue with various parties to create a foundation in the interest of Lebanese and of Palestinian refugees.

State institutions are able to implement the outcomes and consensus of the Lebanese-Palestinian dialogue. There has been progress in this file, and we have moved from the stage of dealing with the past, to looking toward solutions.

We have made progress on the issue of rights demanded by the Palestinian community in the camps. We have also made progress on the arms file, one of the factions in the Beddawi camp handed over their arms.

After developing our unified political vision, we worked on a comprehensive draft law that begins with defining the refusal of resettlement, and primarily considers Lebanon’s particularity.

The problem is the absence of a legal text that defines the status of a refugee, and the basic problem is that the legislature did not establish any defining framework for this personhood.

On the recent events of Ain al-Hilweh: The roots of the problem between the parties are not new, and there is a local dimension to the existing conflict that is not linked to the Al-Aqsa flood operation.

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