UNRWA, LPDC and the Union of Dahieh municipalities reach an agreement on solid waste disposal in Palestinian camps

Upon invitation by the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue, a meeting was held in the LPDC office at the Grand Serail, with the head of the Southern Suburbs Municipality Union, Engineer Muhammad Dergham, and the Director of UNRWA affairs for Lebanon, Dr. Dorothee Klaus. Attendees discussed the issue of solid household waste in Palestinian camps located in the municipal vicinity of the Southern Suburbs of Beirut.

During the meeting, LPDC Chairman Dr. Bassel Al Hassan confirmed that municipalities are suffering from several crises that overwhelm their capabilities, but are intent on cooperation to find solutions. UNRWA has expressed its willingness to assist municipalities within its available capacity, considering that it is enduring its own crisis as well.

Dr. Al Hassan noted that the Committee is ready to mediate between the two parties and implement the needed effort to resolve the issue at hand. Engineer Dergham and Dr. Klaus affirmed the need to reach a resolution to beneficial to all. Concluding the meeting, stakeholders agreed to remove any obstacles and waste from the UNRWA offices in Lebanon, until other agreed upon concerns have also been addressed.

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