After 70 years of asylum “JOUSOUR”- Bridges for the Lebanese-Palestinian dialogue

The Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee (LPDC), established since 2005, continues its efforts to open up spaces for dialogue on bilateral relations, which have been beset by crises and problems over the past 70 years. In this context, a quarterly supplement entitled “JOUSOUR” (Bridges) for Dialogue and Return” is published offering a debate on variety of Lebanese and Palestinians orientations and opinions.
How do Lebanese view Palestinians and the Palestinians the Lebanese away from projected stereotypes? Have we taken advantage of our experiences to start a rational dialogue on the “common problems and mistakes” in our bilateral relations, to “restore confidence” as Abbas Zaki says, and to “build new Lebanese-Palestinian relations” while “preserving the entity and individuals” as viewed by President Amine Gemayel.
How to build these relations in light of the volatile regional situation and the international disregard for the Israeli occupation policies in the occupied Palestinian territories, as well as the American and Israeli attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause and deprive the Palestinians of their right of return, deliberately inflicting a financial deficit on UNRWA and ignoring its serious implications on the stability of the host countries with Lebanon at the forefront.
Will Lebanon remain alone or will it build partnerships with the international community and the United Nations to serve the common interests and international peace? This is what the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Bernell Kardel, hopes for.
The first issue of the supplement was published on October 1, 2018 in Arabic with Al-Nahar and Al-Lewaa, and in English with the Daily Star.

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