Dr. Mneymneh Discusses Palestinian Refugees Census in Lebanon with Palestinian Factions

The Chairman of the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee, Dr. Hassan Mneymneh, met with leaders of Palestinian factions in Lebanon at the Grand Serail, in the presence of Palestinian Ambassador in Lebanon Ashraf Dabour.
The discussion was about the objectives of the “Comprehensive Census of Population and Housing in Palestinian Camps and Gatherings in Lebanon”, as well as its mechanism and implementation that are under the supervision of LPDC. The project relies on the technical bases of the Palestinian and Lebanese statistical departments.
Mneymneh assured that LPDC will keep following up on the Palestinian Refugees’ issues in Lebanon and the camps’ situation. He pointed out that “the dialogue is the primary way towards finding a solution to the Palestinian Refugees’ issues”.
The Palestinian factions expressed their support to the project and their commitment to facilitate its procedures. The attendees described Palestinian Refugees as guests who want to obtain their right to return to Palestine.
Afterwards, Dr. Mneymneh met in LPDC’s office the representative of Hamas Movement in Lebanon, Ali Baraka. They negotiated the situation of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon and the Census Project.
Mneymneh considered that the Census will benefit the Palestinian Refugees and underlined Lebanon’s support to the Palestinians’ right to return. Baraka stressed the need for the Lebanese Government “to adopt an inclusive approach regarding the situation of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon”.
“A Lebanese-Palestinian understanding is vital”, claimed Mneymneh before calling on “the Parliament to recognize the civil and humanitarian rights of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon”. Baraka finally described the Project as “a step forward towards strengthening the Lebanese-Palestinian relationship”.      

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