Lebanese Working Group on Palestinian Refugees Meets Prime Minister Hariri

Prime Minister Saad el-Hariri has met at the Grand Serail a delegation of the Lebanese working group on Palestinian refugees, presided by the Chairman of Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee, Dr. Hassan Mneymneh.
The delegation included, in addition to Mneymneh, representatives of different Lebanese political parties: Dr. Ali Fayad (Hezbollah), Ammar Houri (Future Movement), Simon Abi Ramia (Free Patriotic Movement), Dr. Bahaa’ Abou Kroum (Progressive Socialist Party), the Chairman of Facilitators’ Committee, Dr. Antoine Haddad, ESCWA Expert, Adib Nehmeh, Dr. Ziad el Sayegh, Dr. Zuheir Hourai and Project Manager of LPDC Abdelnasser el-Ayi.
Dr. Mneymneh handed to PM Hariri a memorandum about Palestinian issues in Lebanon which was adopted by the group after negotiations that have been going on for two years. He explained that this memorandum reflects a common ground on Palestinian refugees’ issues that Lebanese parties reached despite their different points of view. He added: “It is important to support the right to return of Palestinian refugees and we had to find a solution for the problems in the Palestinian refugee camps”.    
Participants presented the approach they adopted in the memorandum with respect to the situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and highlighted all the efforts aiming to solve pending issues. They added that all Palestinian refugees’ issues should be tackled and that the Lebanese authorities should initiate a dialogue to reach effective plans that could help Lebanon face regional files. 
PM Hariri confirmed his support for the Palestinian cause and for orienting Lebanon’s humanitarian assistance towards Palestinian refugees and displaced Syrians. He stressed on the importance of finding common ground and how it impacts project plans regarding the situation in Palestinian refugees’ camps. He congratulated LPDC for its efforts and underline the importance of the census of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. 

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