Mneymneh: UNRWA’s records are the basis of international recognition of the Palestinian refugees, and their rights


The Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee’s Chairman Hassan Mneymneh called for considering “the legal status of UNRWA, as an international organization on Palestinian refugees regardless any other Lebanese local considerations.” He reiterated that “UNRWA’s records grants the international recognition and entitlements of the Palestinian refugees, and their rights.”










Mneymneh said “that registration with UNRWA records is the basis for the right of return and compensation based on Resolution 194 of December 11, 1948, and resolution 302 of 8 December 1949 establishing the UNRWA Agency to handle the human situation of the Palestinian refugees who were in Palestine and forced to leave because of the 1948 war until their return.”
 “When a just political solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is reached, UNRWA records are the basis for compensation and return” Mneymneh said.



He mentioned the “Protocol on the treatment of Palestinians in the Arab countries” approved by the Arab Summit in Morocco in September 1965, which affirmed that “the granting of the nationality of the host country to any Palestinian does not deprive him of his original nationality as a general principle and therefore they are not removed from the refugee records.”

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