President Aoun Meets with Dr. Mneymneh: “The Palestinian cause should come to a fair, comprehensive and sustainable peace in the Middle East”

The President of Lebanon Michel Aoun welcomed the Chairman of the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee Dr. Hassan Mneymneh and the Lebanese Working Group on Palestinian Refugees including representatives of some Lebanese parties. The group presented to President Aoun the memorandum titled “Common Lebanese vision on the status of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon”.
Former Minister Mneymneh explained that this memorandum consists of common viewpoints of Lebanese parties regarding these issues.
President Aoun affirmed: “Without a solution, the region’s situation will remain unstable. The core basis of any solution is granting the right to return to Palestinian refugees”. 
The President stressed Lebanon’s commitment to protect Palestinian Refugees. “We should try to prevent terrorists from using Palestinian Camps and gatherings to achieve their goals” he added.      

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