Stakeholder meeting at the Grand Serail to facilitate reconstruction of Nahr El Bared camp

Upon invitation from the LPDC Chairman Dr. Bassel Al Hassan, a meeting was held at the Grand Serail concerning the reconstruction of the Nahr El Bared camp.

In attendance were; the Secretary-General of the High Relief Commission, Major General Muhammad Khair; the Director of UNRWA in Lebanon Dorothee Klaus; representatives of the Palestinian Embassy in Beirut; the Ministry of Defense; the General Directorate of Antiquities, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture; Khatib and Alami, contracted by the Lebanese government with reconstructing the camp; and representatives of the Palestinian local community.

The workshop tackled the main challenges associated with the reconstruction process, particularly in the southern side of the camp. Stakeholders reached a consensus to remove any obstacles that would impede the reconstruction process, and shifting the available funding toward reconstructing a less complex area of the camp.

The issue of funding for reconstructing Nahr el Bared will be discussed next week at the Advisory Commission on UNRWA, which will take place on June 20th and 21st in Beirut, Lebanon. Over 50 donor countries will be in attendance, and will partake in a field visit to Nahr el Bared on the 23rd of this month to view the reconstruction firsthand.

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