The Working Group Meets Patriarch AlRahi

The Lebanese Working Group on Palestinian Refugee Affairs in Lebanon met Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi at the Patriarchal See in Bkerke. The Chairman of the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee, Dr. Hassan Mneymneh, presided the group which comprised deputies Simon Abi Ramia and Ammar Houri, Former minister Tony Karam, Mr. Mohammad Jebawi, Dr. Bahaa Abou Kroum, Dr. Antoine Haddad and Dr. Ziad Sayegh. 
The meeting discussed the progress of nearly two years of work that resulted in the memorandum. This document is a common approach on how to deal with Palestinian refugees’ issues in Lebanon. The attendees tackled several topics, mainly the need to impose the government’s authority and management of Palestinian Refugee camps in Lebanon. They negotiated as well the Lebanese-UNRWA relationship. 
Patriarch al-Rahi declared: “I praise the Group’s work and its initiatives”, adding “I hope that it would be continuous and would have a positive impact on the country and the situation of Palestinian Refugees”.

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