A joint meeting in the Grand Serail between LPDC, Palestinian factions, and UNRWA regarding suspension of funding to UNRWA

The Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee, chaired by Dr. Bassel Al Hassan, held a joint meeting in the Grand Serail with representatives of Palestinian factions and UNRWA. The following statement was issued: The attendees unanimously agreed upon the repercussions of the decision to suspend funding to UNRWA, and the impact this would have on the living conditions of Palestine refugees in Lebanon. In light of these effects, attendees called on donor countries to reverse the decision…


Al Ayi: We have made progress on the issues of rights and arms

The reality in the Palestinian camps cannot continue as is. Firstly, in terms of arms, and secondly in terms of depriving the Palestinians of their minimum rights to live a decent life. We have engaged in a calm dialogue with various parties to create a foundation in the interest of Lebanese and of Palestinian refugees. State institutions are able to implement the outcomes and consensus of the Lebanese-Palestinian dialogue. There has been progress in this…


LPDC Chairman Dr. Al Hassan met with UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Imran Riza, EU Special Representative for the Peace Process, Sven Koopmans and Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Sandra De Waele

LPDC Chairman Dr. Bassel Al-Hassan, met with the United Nations Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator in Lebanon, Imran Riza, to discuss the developments in the Palestinian refugee file following October 7th. Al Hassan also met with the European Union envoy to the Middle East peace process, Sven Koopmans, in the presence of the Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Sandra De Waele.