Our Mandate

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LPDC Mandate

As per the original decree No. (89/2005), the LPDC is mandated:

  1. To improve the living conditions of Palestinians residing in and outside refugee camps in Lebanon, in collaboration with UNRWA;
  2. To initiate dialogue to manage the issue of arms inside the camps;
  3. To eliminate arms outside the camps;
  4. To study opportunities to establish diplomatic relations and representation between Lebanon and Palestine 

Under the current cabinet of Prime Minister Najib Mikati, an inter-ministerial committee was assigned to address the issue of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

The committee features 12 representatives from key line ministries, chaired by the LPDC Chairman and appointed by the Prime Minister. An updated decree, Resolution No. 40/2022 was issued to reaffirm the importance and timeliness of the mandate of LPDC, updated to

  1. Address the needs of the Palestinians living in Lebanon and the livelihood, social, economic, and human rights concerns in the camps, in cooperation with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in Lebanon (UNRWA), and other relevant international and national institutions;
  2. Establish a mechanism to end the presence of Palestinian weapons outside the camps;
  3. Work to address the issue of organizing and managing weapons inside the camps;
  4. Coordinate with public institutions and organizations to implement the state's public policy towards the Palestinian file in Lebanon.  
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