Our Values

LPDC is committed to resolve long-standing structural challenges to Palestinians’ rights and security and improving Lebanese-Palestinian relations. We consider that Palestinian refugees’ basic rights and access to services is a matter of national interest that will positively enhance stability in camps, gatherings, and across Lebanon.  

Several generations of Palestinian refugees have resided in Lebanon for more than 70 years, yet are deprived of several basic human rights. The LPDC recognizes that the living conditions of the refugees within the camps are dire and unacceptable, and that the lack of opportunities available to the refugees is an impediment to their welfare and their right to live a dignified and prosperous life under the rule of law. This acknowledgement marks the beginning of a new chapter, and the end to a difficult and painful past tainted with recognized mistakes from all sides and during which both Lebanese and Palestinians have paid a high price.

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LPDC works to further Lebanon’s national interests, sovereignty and laws, and to advance and uphold the internationally recognized human rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. In doing so, it aims to diminish social tensions and improve relationships with host communities, while also protecting refugees’ status and right of return. 

LPDC’s methods seek to bridge the gaps between research, programmatic approaches and policy-making. Relying on fieldwork and existing studies to approach policy reform with a data-driven outlook, LPDC seeks to ensure its recommendations remain in-tune and up to date with the current context in Lebanon.  

As a dialogue institution, facilitating discussion and consensus-building forms the backbone of LPDC and a requirement for longer-term change and decision making. While promoting a culture of respect for good governance, rights-based approaches and international standards, LDPC works to shape a new path for the best interests of both Lebanese and Palestinians.