The ministerial statement issued by the Lebanese government headed by PM Fouad Siniora on July 11, 2008, comprised the most detailed formulation pertaining to the Palestinian refugee rights. The statement stated the following:

“The Lebanese government will sustain the efforts aiming to address the humanitarian and social problems of Palestinians in Lebanon, inside and outside camps, along with all the required procedures and measures that enhance the Lebanese stance in refusing the permanent settlement, and in line with the right of Palestinians residing in Lebanon to a decent life. In this regard, the government will continue its work in framing policies that alleviate the economic burdens, and other negative effects inflicted upon Lebanon”.

As such, the ministerial statements of other governments adopted the same approach. The ministerial statement of the government of PM Najib Mikati, issued on June 13, 2011, included an additional idea related to the implementation of laws promulgated by the parliament regarding certain refugee rights. This statement stipulated that “Until full return is achieved, the government will work on: “Providing humanitarian and social rights for Palestinians residing on Lebanese soil, implementing the laws promulgated by the parliament, and looking after the camps.”