Strategic Planning 

The LPDC strategy identifies the absence of official, comprehensive and accurate data as a key factor that limits the ability of the Government of Lebanon to base sound policies affecting the living conditions of the Palestinian refugees on solid grounds.

 There is a massive need for clear and accurate information and statistical data on living conditions and urban data in the Palestinian camps, adjacent areas and gatherings, the three geographical distinctions where the Palestinian refugees are residing in Lebanon. The Government requires a policymaking tool that shall enable a generation of knowledge, development of indicators and the monitoring of their living conditions to guide systematic public and policy discussions by Governmental bodies and officials.

Building on a strategic partnership among inter-governmental institutions mainly:  the Central Administration of Statistics (CAS) and the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) in Ramallah, the project will provide support to the LPDC in initiating and leading the process of carrying out a census exercise that would enable the Lebanese Government to account for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon along with their living conditions.