2022-2024 LPDC Strategy

Lebanon is undergoing a devastating financial and economic crisis, with refugees and vulnerable populations particularly affected. Amid this context, LPDC recognizes a unique opportunity for the Government of Lebanon to turn crisis into opportunity by transforming public policy on the Palestinian file. As the government’s designated organ to address the Palestinian file in Lebanon, LPDC understands the need to address this matter in Lebanon in all its political, security, governmental, and humanitarian dimensions, through a unified National Strategy propelled by LPDC. In recognition of this pivotal step, LPDC is implementing its 2022-2024 National Strategy for the Management of the Palestinian Refugee File in Lebanon centered around 4 key pillars which include:

(1) streamlining political and public dialogue processes, 

(2) improving the social, economic, and cultural rights of Palestinian refugees, 

(3) remodeling governance and basic service delivery,  

(4) ensuring safety for all residents. 

LPDC works to address these pillars through policy research and engaging in political dialogue with Lebanese and Palestinians parties and institutions. 

 These four pillars are interdependent, mutually reinforcing workstreams, conducive to fostering new policies and legislations; as such, they are able to provide lasting and sustainable solutions. These workstreams are intertwined in such a way that the failure to advance in one workstream can have a knock-on effect on the others.  

The new overarching strategy aims to strengthen the Lebanese government’s capacity to respond to improving the living conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon by implementing and developing a comprehensive and consistent policy, with the assistance of national, international, and local partners.